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  • Does PERSILE Offer B2B Solutions
    *B2B is one of our top priorities and our B2B solutions are forethcoming.
  • If I Change From an iOS Phone to an Android Phone or Vise Versa Will it Affect My PERSILE Account?
    *If you switch operating devices it will not affect your PERSILE account as long as you use your same email address upon enrollment on your new device as you used on your original device.
  • Can I Add Multiple Photos at Once?
    *With our current infrastructure only one photo can be added at at time. *NOTE: Each photo must be accompanied with a title or additional wording aside from it's # folder name. *See our "Tuturial's" page under "Learn" for step by step instructions on adding a photo to your PERSILE folders.
  • Does PERSILE Offer a Desktop Version?
    *PERSILE does not have a desktop version at this time.
  • Can I File Live Links Into My Folders?
    You Can Enter and Copy & Paste Links Into Your Folders But They Will Currently Not Be Live.
  • Are My Entries Limited by a Number of Text Characters?
    *ios users have an unlimited amount of characters per entry. *Android users are limited to 160 characters per entry. See our "Tutorial's Page" for best practice when desiring to use more than 160 characters for Android users.
  • Is The PERSILE Proces For *Folder Creation *Note/Task Entry *Note/Task Filing Patented?
    *Yes we are currently Patent Pending.
  • If I Cancel My Membership Will I Be Able To Renew At A Later Date?
    *You will be able to renew your membership. *However, at this time, the previous folders and notes that you created will not be able to be added to or edited. They will only be visible to you. *For renewal instructions please see our "Subscription Renewal" video under our "Tutorial's" page under "Learn".
  • Do You Have A List Of Upcoming Features To Be Released?
    *Folder sharing *An (+) add button for in app entries and folder creation *Ability to rescubscribe for full functionality with legacy folders and entries *Integrated event creation and calendaring *Embedded "Quick Entry" folder *Ability to move entries into additional folders *Ability to add video into your entries *Subfolders *In App messaging box *Reminders *Global Search Feature *More to come
  • Can I Add Video to My PERSILE Folders?
    *At this moment video's can not be added to PERSILE folders.
  • Does The Search Feature Search The Entire Site/App?
    *Currently our search feature will search the page that the user is on. Our Global Search Feature is in the Pipeline.
  • Where Will My Data Reside?
    *The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud.
  • If I Cancel My Membership Will I Have Visibility To My Old Notes And Folders?
    *Yes, you will have visibility only to your old notes and folders.
  • Can I Add Multiple Line Items Within The Same Entry?
    *Yes, multiple line items can be added within the same entry. *By adding an asterisk you can seperate multiple line items so that they will be seperated within your folders. *For a tutorial video on how to accomplish this please visit our "Tutorial's Page"
  • Can I Share Folders With Other PERSILE Users?
    *Folder sharing is on our roadmap and will be a future feature.
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