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Our Story

Blach Hashtag

I have lived a fairly fast paced life since I was a little kid. The older I got and the more responsibility that I took on made it increasingly difficult for me to stay organized and to feel that I was organized and on track.

In order to stay organized I found myself jotting down notes and tasks in a variety places, writing notes in multiple notebooks, and texting myself while leaving them unread so that I would remember to organize them at a later time.

Not only were these notes and tasks scattered everywhere I found it impossible to keep a good flow to them as I had different topics, projects, and to do's intertwined with each other.

The one common denominator between it all was that whenever I had a thought or remembered something important it was always at an inconvenient time where I couldn't record the note/task in its proper place.

Sure, there were multiple apps available but they required too many steps to get to the right place to record my notes at a moments notice. 

While texting myself seemed to be the quickest, most efficient, and most convenient way to enter these notes I first had the conceptual idea of creating this one step process of PERSILE in Spring of 2019.

From then I loosely worked on the conceptual idea on and off as I was pursuing other endeavors. It wasn't until summer of 2021 when my wife came home and told me that she saw a billboard with my "texting idea". At that moment I experienced a shock of disappointment thinking the opportunity had past me by. 

After further investigation I realized that the billboard was not what we had thought. Remembering the feeling of disappointment I felt when I thought the timing had passed for this opportunity I realized I needed to move forward with this venture. 

From that point on working on this project became a main focus for me. As progressed continued the vision became more clear as what this technology and process could evolve into. I could use this concept in many more areas than just recording and filing notes (see our "Solutions and Features" page). I also realized the opportunity of intellectual property with these processes and they are currently Patent Pending.

Moving forward on this continues to be a dream with many hurdles to overcome but knowing how PERSILE can help the everyday hustler will make it worth it for millions of future users. 

We hope you find the value in PERSILE and oh by the way....did I mention that this was all funded by training and selling a world class reining horse??? That will be a story for another day but until then we hope you find the benefits of using PERSILE as you pursue your dreams.

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