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Solutions and Features


  • Add to Your List's at Anytime While on The Go

  • Keep All Notes, Tasks, and Lists Organized While on the Go

  • No More Waiting to Add to Your Lists Until You Get to Your Notebook

  • No More Searching for Your Notetaking App and Then Searching to Find the Correct File Inwhich to Enter your Note or Task.

  • Simplify Your Note and Tasks Entry Process by Utilizing Text Messaging

  • Utilize the Most Common Form of Communication, Text Messaging, to Help You Stay Organzied and Efficient

  • No more trying to remember things that you can’t remember because you couldn’t write them down as you were on the go

  • Utliize PERSILE as a More Efficient Way to Keep a Journal

  • No more trying to remember where you wrote down a thought

  • No more trying to combine notebooks to keep your thoughts filed, organized, and in one place

  • No more texting important thoughts to yourself then transferring them to its appropriate place

  • Find Your Own Solutions Through Utilizing PERSILE

  • Endless Possibilities


  • Folder Creation 

  • Auto Filing of Notes

  • Auto Filing of Tasks

  • Multiple entries with one message 

  • Event Creation (Future Release)

  • Folder Sharing with other users (Future Release)

  • Creation of Sub Folders (Future Release)

  • Filing of Notes in Sub-Folders (Future Release)

  • Calendar Events (Future Release)

  • Set Reminders (Future Release)

  • Folder Designation to a Task or Note Folder

  • Mark Tasks and Notes as Priorities 

  • All Inclusive Priority Folder

  • Check Box for Tasks

  • In App Messaging Box (Future Release)

  •  Filing of Video, Voice Recordings, Docs, Emails, Pictures, etc (Future Release)

  • More to Come  

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